Act 5th
Scene 1st Same as the last.--The small door nearly closed.--A light from the setting sun thro' the window Annabel (alone) Annabel. I cannot rest, I wander to & fro' Within my dreary prison, as to seek For comfort, and find none. Each hour hath killed A hope that seemed the last. The shadows point Upward--The Sun is sinking. Guard me, Heaven, Thro' this dread night! Gun heard. What evil sounds? All sounds Are evil here!--Is there some murder doing? Or wantonly, in sport-- Enter Julian Thro' the small door. Julian. Annabel! Anna. Julian! Julian. My wife! art thou still mine? Anna. Thine own! Julian. She smiles! She clings to me! Her eyes are fixed on me With the old love, the old divinest look Of innocence! It is yet time. She's pure, She's undefiled.--Speak to me, Annabel! Tremble not so! Anna. 'Tis joy.--Oh, I have been So wretched! And to see thee when I thought We ne'er should meet again!--How did'st thou find me? Julian. The Rosary! the blessed rosary Shone in the Sunbeam like a beacon fire; A guiding star.--Thrice holy was the light That led me here to save-- Anna. Oh! blessings on thee! How? Where? what way? the iron door is barred. Where did'st thou enter, Julian? Julian. Thro' the Casement Of yonder chamber. Anna. What, that grim ascent? That aweful depth? Did'st thou dare this for me? And must I--? But I fear not. I'll go with thee. I'm safe of foot, and light--I'll go. Julian. Thou can'st not. Anna. Then go thyself, or he will find thee here, He, and his ruffian band--Let us part now. Kiss me again!--Fly, fly from Sicily! That fearful man! But he is all one lie, Told me thy life was forfeited. Julian. He told thee A truth. Anna. Oh! fly, fly, fly! Julian. My Annabel, The bloodhounds that he laid upon the scent Have tracked me hither.--Did'st thou hear a gun? For once the ball passed harmless. Anna. Art thou hurt? Art sure thou art not? Julian. Yes, but they who aimed That death, are on the watch--Their quarry's lodged. We can escape them--one way--only one way. Anna. How? What way? Julian. Ask not. Anna. Whither? Julian. To my father. Anna. Then he's alive!--Oh, happiness! They told me That he was dead.--Why do we loiter here? Let's join him now. Julian. Not yet. Anna. Now, now! Thou know'st not How horribly these walls do picture to me The several agonies whereof my soul Hath drunk to-day.--I have been tempted, Julian, By one--a fiend!--Tempted 'till I almost thought Heaven had forsaken me.--But thou art here, To save me, and my pulse beats high again With love & hope. I am light-hearted now, And could laugh, like a child--only these walls Do crowd around me with a visible weight Of a pal pable The blotted word is most likely "palpable," aligning with the 1823 publication. We can see a descender likely for the letter "p" amd neighboring ascenders likely for the letters "b" and "l" followed by a short letter, almost certainly an "e." pressure, giving back the forms Of wild est thoughts, that wandered through my brain, Bright ch a ttering madness, and sedate despair, And Two words in this line and the next are completely illegible under the blot in the manuscript photofacsimile. g reat unreal--Take me hence! Take From the context of the lines and the 1823 text, the two words hidden by the blot damage are almost certainly "me away." with thee! Julian. Not The large blot on the manuscript image most likely covers the words "yet, not" as given in the 1823 publication. A descender that would match the letter "y" is just visible. yet, Thou sweetest wretch! I cannot.--Dotard! Fool! I must--not yet, not yet.--Talk to me, Annabel; This is the hour when thou wast wont to make Earth, Heaven with lovely words; the sunset hour That woke thy spirit into joy.--Once more Talk to me, Annabel! Anna. Aye, all day long When we are free. Thy voice is choaked, thy looks Are not on me; thy hand doth catch And grasp mine painfully--that gentle hand! Julian. Oh! Heaven! Oh Heaven? That right hand.--Kiss it not! Take thy lips from it! Anna. Can'st thou save me, Julian? Thou always dost speak truth.--Can'st save th yself? The first three letters are visible as "thy," but the rest is obscured under the blot. We supply "thyself?" from comparison with the 1823 edition. Shall we go hence together? Julian. Aye--one fate, One home! Anna. Why that is bliss!--We shall be free-- Shall we not, Julian? I shall have a joy I never looked for, I shall work for thee, Shall tend thee, be thy page, thy all! Shall I not, Julian? Julian. Annabel, look forth Upon this glorious world! Look once again On our fair Sicily, lit by that sun, Whose level beams do cast a golden shine On sea, and shore, and city, on the pride Of bowery groves, on Etna's smouldering top! Oh, bright and glorious world! And thou of all Created things most glorious, tricked in light As the stars that live in Heaven! Anna. Why dost thou gaze So sadly on me? Julian. The bright stars how oft They fall, or s eem to fall!--The Sun--Look, look, He sinks, he sets in glory.--Blessed orb Like thee,--like the e. Dost thou remember once We sat by the Sea-shore, when all the Heaven And all the Ocean seemed one glow of fire?-- There we sate, and talked, And thou didst wish thyself A spirit sailing in that flood of light Straight to the Eternal Gates, did't pray to pass Away in such a glory.--Annabel, Look out upon the burning sky, the Sea One lucid ruby--'Tis the very hour! Thou'lt be a Seraph at the fount of light before-- Anna. What, must I die? And wilt thou kill me? Can'st thou? Thou cam'st to save-- Julian. To save thy honor. I shall die with thee. Anna. Oh, no! no! Live! Live! If I must die--Oh, it is sweet to live, To breathe, to move, to feel the throbbing blood, Beat in the veins, to look on such an earth, On such a Heaven, to look on thee! Young life Is very dear! Julian. Would'st live for D'Alba? Anna. No. I had forgot.--I'll die.--Quick! quick! Julian. One kiss! Angel, dost thou forgive me? Anna. Yes. Julian. My sword,-- I cannot draw it. Anna. Now!--I'm ready! Enter Bertone and 2 others armed. Bert. Seize him! Yield thee, Prince Julian!--Yield thee! Seize the lady! Julian. Oh, fatal, fond delay!--Dare not come near us. Stand off! I'll guard thee, sweet, but when I fall Let him not triumph. Bertone. Yield thee! Strike him down! Now! The two men have now advanced close to Julian, and one of them strikes at him with his Sword. Annabel rushes before Julian, receives the wound aimed at him, & falls dead at his feet. Bertone. Anna. Anna. Rushing forward. For thee! after she is wounded For thee! 'Tis sweet! Dies. Julian. Fiend! hast thou slain her? Die! die! die! Kills him. Bertone. Call instant help. Exit the other bravo Julian & Bertone fight, & Julian kills him Julian. My Wife! My murdered Wife! Doth she not breathe? I thought-- My sight is dim--Oh, ho! she's pale, she's cold, She's still!--If she were living, she would speak To comfort me.--She's mute, she's stiff, she's dead! Why do I shiver at the word? I, that am Death's factor? Peopler of unhallowed graves? Slayer of all my race? Not thee! not thee! Heaven, in its mercy, guided the keen sword To thy white bosom.--I could not.--Lie there! I'll shroud thee in my mantle.--The rude earth Will veil thy beauty next.--One kiss! She died To save me!--One kiss, Annabel! But the fiend--the cause-- Is he not coming?--I will chain in life Till I've avenged thee!--I could slay an army Now, in my strong despair.--But that were mercy.-- He must wear daggers in his heart--He loved her; I'll feed his hopes, and then--Aye, ha, ha, ha! That will be a revenge to make the fiends Laugh--ha, ha, ha!--I'll wrap me in this cloak, And in the twilight--So!He will not know My voice--It frightens me!--I have not hidden Thee quite, my Annabel--There is one tress Floating in springy grace,--as if--she's dead! She's dead!--I must not gaze, for then my heart Will break before it's time.--He comes!--The stairs Groan at his pressure. Enter D'Alba, speaking to an Attendant. D'Alba. Stop, and watch the gate. All's tranquil. Where's the traitor? Julian. Dead! D'Alba. Who slew him? Julian. I. D'Alba. And the Lady--where is she? Julian. At rest. D'Alba. Fair gentleness! After this perilous storm She needs must lack repose.--I'll wait her here. Friend, thou hast done good service to the state, And me--We're not ungrateful--Julian's sword Fails him not often, and the slave who fled Proclaimed him Victor. Julian. He slew two. D'Alba. And thou Slew'st him? Aye, there he lies in the ermined cloak Of royalty, his haughty shroud. Let not mine enemy Call me ungenerous.--Roll him in his ermine, And dig a hole without the city gate For him and the great Regent.--Quick! I'll have The funeral speedy.--Ah, the slaughtering sword Lies by him, brown with clotted gore.--Hence! Hence! And drag the Carrion with thee! Julian. Wilt thou not Look on the Corse? D'Alba. I cannot wait her waking. I must go feast my eyes on her fair looks-- Divinest Annabel!--my widowed bride! Where is she? Julian. There! Now gaze thyself to Hell! Gloat with hot love upon that beauteous dust! She's safe! She's dead! D'Alba. Julian! Julian. But touch her not! She's mine. D'Alba. Oh, perfectest and loveliest thing! Eternal curses rest upon his head Who murdered thee! Julian. Off! off! pollute her not! She's white! she's pure!--Curses! Pour curse for curse On the foul murderer, on him who turned The sweet soul from her home, who slew her father, Hunted her husband as a beast of prey, Pursued, imprisoned, lusted, left no gate Open, save that to Heaven--Off! gaze not on her! Thy look is profanation! Throwing himself on the body. Enter Alfonso, Leanti, Valore & Guards. Alfon. Now, Leanti, This way!--Oh, sight of horror! Julian! Julian! Valore. The Princess dead!--Why, D'Alba-- Leanti. Seize him, guards; Lead him before the States.--This bloody scene Calls for deep vengeance! D'Alba. If I were not weary Of a world that sweats under a load of fools, Old creaking vanes, that turn as the wind changes, Lords, I'd defy ye! And I defy ye now.--For she is gone-- The glorious vision!--And the Patriarch's years Were valueless.--Do with me as ye will; Ye cannot call back her. Leanti. Off with him! Exit D'Alba guarded. Alfon. Julian! Wilt thou not speak? Julian. I have been thanking Heaven That she is dead. Valore. His wits are gone. Alfon. My Julian, Look on me.--Dost thou know me? I'm thy Cousin, Thy comforter! Julian. She was my comforter! And now--but I do know thee, thou'rt the King, The pretty boy I loved.--She loved thee too.-- I'm glad thou'rt come to close my eyes.--Draw nearer, That I may see thy face.--Where art thou? Alfon. Here! Julian. Poor child, he weeps! Send for the honored dead Beside the city gate--he pardoned me! Bury us in one grave--all in one grave! I did not kill her--Strew her with white flowers, For she was innocent! Leanti. Cheer thee! Take hope! Valore. Raise up his head! Alfon. My Julian! Julian. He forgave me, Thou know'st he did.--White flowers--nothing but white. Dies. Leanti. He is gone! Alfon. And I am left in the wide world Alone.--My Julian! End of the Play.